During your first visit, the physiotherapist will assess your condition, your symptoms and draw up an overall picture of your case.

He will be able to make recommendations concerning rest and activities. He will take care of referring you to other health professionals, if necessary. He will make sure you are well equipped for a safe return.

A concussion is a serious injury! Even if all the initial symptoms are gone, this does not necessarily mean that a return to activities is indicated. Make an appointment to plan your return at the right time and in a safe manner.


In the acute phase of concussion, physical and cognitive rest is important. The return-to-activity protocol gradually increases stress on the brain while ensuring that the concussion does not worsen. Thereafter, the gradual return to activities allows monitoring of symptoms and the body’s reaction to physical / cognitive demand. Returning to activities too quickly can cause symptoms to relapse, prolong their duration and worsen their severity.

Example of a return to apprenticeship (or to work) *:

Step 1: Physical and cognitive rest
Step 2: Short periods of cognitive activity
Step 3: Do homework
Step 4: Return to school at half a day
Step 5: Return to school for a full day
Step 6: Back to school, unrestricted

Example of a return to sport *:

Step 1: Light aerobic conditioning exercises
Step 2: Individual sport specific training and skills
Step 3: Sport-specific training and skills, individually and with a teammate
Step 4: Sport-specific training and skills, as a team but non-contact
Step 5: Complete training with physical contact
Step 6: Return to competition

It is important to be guided by a health professional during the stages of returning to learning and / or sport. It should be ensured that the symptoms have been absent for more than 24 hours before starting the protocol. In addition, you must respect the pace of one step per day. If symptoms appear, it is necessary to resume rest until their disappearance (minimum 24 hours) and resume the protocol in the previous step.