As you know, there are several types of skin: some are inherently dry, others oily or combination skin (i.e. dry on the cheeks and temples, and oily on the T zone: forehead, nose, chin) and each type of skin needs targeted care to meet its problems. But the state of your skin can also vary according to the season, the climate, or the living conditions: stress, tobacco, pollution, UV rays, the use of unsuitable cosmetics or even hormonal changes are all factors that can affect the appearance and quality of your skin.

Oily skin is often attributed to the period of puberty and the acne that often accompanies it, but adult women are not spared. Pregnancy, pre-menopause or a hormonal imbalance can also cause the skin type to evolve towards oily skin with imperfections, a change that we would gladly do without!

You can therefore experience episodes of oily skin of varying lengths throughout your life, and it is normal to want to remedy this!

Concretely, oily skin is due to an overproduction of sebum. Sebum is that oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. It forms part, with water and sweat in particular, of the hydrolipidic film, which acts as a real barrier for the skin. This thin film covers the entire epidermis to protect it from external aggressions and preserve its integrity.

The presence of sebum on the surface of the skin is therefore natural and essential for maintaining a good level of hydration, and keeping the skin supple and young. The situation becomes more complicated when the sebaceous glands begin to produce excess sebum. This is called hyperseborrhea in the jargon. The consequence, you know it: the skin becomes shiny, oily to the touch, the pores become clogged more easily, causing small skin imperfections: acne, white pimples, dilated pores, comedones, even microcysts can dot your face. Make-up does not hold well, and the skin quickly becomes shiny again, despite your efforts to mattify it. Choosing treatments specifically formulated for this type of skin and adopting the right reflexes on a daily basis is essential to stem the production of sebum.

Oily skin: the right actions to adopt

We do not hide it from you: adopting a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet that limits fried foods, sodas, cold meats, sugar and alcohol among others, can only be beneficial for your skin. Also remember to drink enough (1.5L of water minimum) for a radiant complexion!

In the bathroom, it may be necessary to implement a new beauty routine, and to learn new habits to say no to hyperseborrhea! Carefully removing make-up from your skin and gently cleaning it morning and evening, without damaging it, is the first reflex to adopt to regain healthy skin. We often have the impression that the more a facial cleanser “removes”, the more effective it is: and yet! This overly aggressive cleansing does not purify the epidermis, because it produces the exact opposite effect and creates a rebound effect: the sebaceous glands, in a protective mechanism, start to produce even more sebum to defend themselves. We then enter a vicious circle that does not stop oily skin problems!

However, oily skin clogs faster than others and it is advisable to exfoliate once a week to cleanse the skin in depth. But always with a gentle exfoliant, which respects the epidermis and delicately unclogs it!

It is therefore necessary to bet on delicate care: gel textures or light and airy creams, scrubs without stripping beads, non-comedogenic makeup, and soothing formulas are to be preferred. You should also avoid too aggressive ingredients such as soap, alcohol and rely on mattifying ingredients.

At Polaar, we have developed several products to take care of oily skin and overcome the shine and small imperfections that result!

Moisturize your oily skin

All skin types need to be hydrated: combination, dry, sensitive, or oily, the epidermis naturally loses water every day – especially through perspiration. A loss of water that should be compensated for from the inside, by drinking regularly, but also externally, by applying a very moisturizing cream, which will intensely nourish the skin, plump your face and restore radiance to the complexion . The needs of oily skin, however, are different from other skin types. The whole challenge consists in nourishing the skin and recharging it with water, while helping the production of sebum to regulate itself!