Acne scars, sagging skin, eye bags, wrinkles, and fine lines are all common skin concerns as we age. Often adding to our tension as we attempt to fix these problems with a variety of over-the-counter medications. The look of our eye bags is enhanced when the skin laxity worsens and the fat tissue posterior to the lower eyelids protrudes forward and the eyelid membrane weakens as we age, along with the discoloration and shadows caused by the existence of the lower lid.

Even if we’re well into adulthood, some of us may still have acne problems. The issue with acne is that it does not just impact our adolescence but also follows us into adulthood in the form of stress or hormonal acne. Acne is divided into two types: non-inflammatory acne and inflammatory acne. Different strategies and treatments are frequently required to address our acne issues. It is fairly unusual to have more than one form of acne at the same time.

Before you can let out a breath of relief since your breakout phase comes to an end, a second look in the mirror may prevent you from doing so. Most of the time, we’re left with breakout scars from the eruption, which take more time and work to remove. Different varieties of acne leave different sorts of acne scars, necessitating a variety of methods to erase the scars away.

Because we all have various skin types, determining the root cause of acne problems may be challenging. Clogged pores, on the other hand, are a major source of breakouts, irritated skin, edema, and redness. Continuous exposure to UV radiation may speed up the creation of wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration, and it can also cause pigmentation and wrinkles, and fine lines.

Several of us are aware of these issues. Most of us are seeking laser treatments in Singapore to help us remedy our face concerns while also restoring a young and renewed appearance.

What is Fotona?

Our Fotona 4D Laser treatment in Singapore is suitable for anyone looking for non-invasive and non-surgical treatment in Singapore for fine lines, wrinkles, sagging face skin, discoloration, pigmentations, and scars.

Fotona’s 4D laser therapy allows for full-thickness collagen contraction for long-lasting, low-downtime, and tightening (wrinkle reduction) without the need for injectables. The blend of these four distinct modes and two complementing wavelengths yields an excellent “SmoothLiftin” therapy.

How Does Fotona Work?

The Fotona laser treatment uses Fotona laser technology to promote collagen formation for a volumizing and tightening effect without the use of injectables. It integrates 4 distinct modes and 2 complementing wavelengths to offer a credible “SmoothLiftin” therapy. Our Fotona laser therapy is non-invasive, involves zero downtime, and provides patients with apparent results without leaving any visible scars.

Collagen formation surrounding the eye is also stimulated, which improves the suppleness of the under eye skin and the look of fine wrinkles.

Fotona in Singapore also remedies aging skin with a gentle cold laser peel that leaves the skin with a pearly finish. By illuminating and toning your skin during the treatment process, it quickly enhances the look of the skin and decreases visible flaws. As a result, fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size are reduced, while skin texture and tone are improved.

How Often Should I Get A Fotona 4D Laser Treatment?

On average, 3 to 4 monthly sessions are necessary to keep your skin in top condition. Subsequently, we suggest 4 to 6 monthly maintenance procedures.

Side Effects and Safety

This is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment.

For a very accurate treatment, Fotona in Singapore is simply customizable. As a result, physicians may do an incredibly regulated light peel with no heat repercussions.

The Fotona 4D Laser’s carefully built, revolutionary handpiece technology allows for safe and precise treatment. The technology guarantees that laser pulses are delivered to the treatment region as efficiently as possible.