Regardless of how much we don’t like it, skin sagging affects everyone. You might well have seen that the creases of the face, like the laugh lines, have become more apparent and that your face’s shape has become more bottom-heavy and squarish. Your skin might also feel softer to the touch, not as tight as it was before. These are all indications that your face skin is beginning to droop. Fortunately, there are cheap aesthetic clinics in Singapore that offer non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments.

What Causes Skin Sagging?

 Elastin And Collagen Loss

Elastin and collagen are the structural proteins that support elastic and youthful skin. They create the mesh which supports your skin, defying gravity and helping it to remain firm and tight. The skin loses elastin and collagen as we age, resulting in sagging as this supporting mesh gets weaker. Genetics also plays a part since our skin ages differently from person to person.

Furthermore, the creation of new collagen and elastin decreases with age, therefore stimulating its production is a key component of sagging skin treatments.

Volume Loss

Our deep fat pads and face structure support our surface skin, which is critical for a youthful and radiant appearance. While most individuals are aware that skin loosens with age, it’s less well known that those structures that support the skin diminish with age, worsening the sagging look.


Rejuran is used to increase collagen production in your skin. Polynucleotides (PN) which is a salmon-derived DNA are used to make Rejuran.

PN are fragments of DNA that help to heal injured skin cells and boost collagen formation by promoting fibroblast proliferation. According to research, PN which is a salmon-derived DNA is relatively safe and suitable for human skin.


Thermage is a non-invasive and safe skin treatment that has been scientifically and FDA certified to tighten, contour, and smoothen skin for a more youthful look. This treatment can be done in cheap aesthetic clinics in Singapore. Thermage’s proprietary (RF) radio frequency technology warms the deep, collagen-rich skin layers in a safe and homogeneous manner, stimulating the production of new collagen through time. eyes, belly, and buttocks. Thermage is appropriate for minor skin tightening around the eyes, face, lips, belly, hands, arms, buttocks, and thighs. Based on the condition of the skin and the aging process, results may be obtained in a single treatment and last from 6-24 months.

Dermal Fillers

When coupled with dermal fillers, BTX treatments may revolutionize the treatment of aging, sagging, and loose skin. It provides a non-surgical face lift option with minimum downtime and quick results. Dermal Fillers, like hyaluronic acids of various molecular sizes, are often used to fill up hollowed cheeks and temples, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, jowl lines, thin lips, and other wrinkles. Treatments are particularly customized to the client’s requirements after a comprehensive examination of the client’s issues.

BTX Treatments

BTX treatments are used to smooth out lines and wrinkles. BTX injections specifically decrease hyperactive facial muscles that generate crow’s feet surrounding the eyes, deep frown lines, and other wrinkles.


Ultherapy uses concentrated ultrasonic energy to address the same deep tissue planes like surgical facelift, but with no incisions or severe damage to the skin’s surface.

Ultherapy generates micro-coagulation sites at three depths underneath the surface of the skin by delivering ultrasonic energy. This initiates a healing process underneath the skin by increasing our body’s natural collagen synthesis. The regeneration process progressively tightens and lifts skin on the neck and face while also smoothing wrinkles and lines on the chest, over the course of 2 to 3 months. Ultrasound imaging is also used in Ultherapy, allowing cosmetic doctors to visualize the treated tissue layers. This guarantees that the ultrasonic energy is transmitted effectively and safely to your skin.