Our body uses a lot of elements to maintain its normal functions. Even though a lot of such elements are produced by our bodies themselves, it often needs external help to ensure the healthy functioning of every part. This help can often come from our diet but can also be provided through supplements and medicines like biotin.

Uses of Biotin

Biotin is one of the vitamins in our body, specifically vitamin B7 which acts as an important enzyme for various bodily functions. Even though a lot of foods contain biotin in them, many people also prefer taking external biotin supplements which are easily available in the market and are quite safe.

  • Biotin is one of the enzymes in the body that plays a major role in converting carbohydrates, fats, etc into energy. This enzyme is one of the main things responsible for breaking down the food we eat into energy. If this enzyme is ineffective, there are chances that these food elements do not get broken down properly, resulting in the storing of them as fat in the body instead of them burning as energy.
  • Biotin also helps in maintaining the health of our hair, skin, nails, and nervous system. One of the main ways that a biotin deficiency can be detected is through the thinning of hair and rashes forming near the mouth and on the face. Thus, taking biotin also helps in maintaining healthy nails and hair which is strong and less prone to breakage as well as healthy skin that has less irritation and problems.
  • Even though the research on this matter is not very extensive, many claim that biotin also helps people with type-1 and type-2 diabetes keep their blood sugar levels under control. This may also be because the biotin helps the successful conversion of food into energy that keeps extra storage of fat.

Side effects of biotin

  • Biotin is often taken externally for the face, nails, and hair from a product. These products have a 0.6% concentration and should be applied once or maybe twice a day or else they might create skin irritation and problems. These problems include dry skin, dry hair and scalp, rashes, irritation, itchiness, etc.
  • When taken internally in the form of supplements, biotin is generally taken in the concentration of 2.5mg to 3 mg a day which is quite a safe amount.
  • Biotin supplements may also affect lab results on a blood test. It is always advisable to ask your doctor before taking biotin supplements.

Biotin, when used with caution and in safe amounts, is a great solution as a hair growth remedy and many other issues and can be used without fear for the many benefits it provides.

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