It is essential for anyone living in Clear water to protect their ears from daily tasks. With many things that can have a negative effect on your hearing, there are also things that will impact your hearing positively. To prevent hearing loss, you need to take care of your ears. To prevent hearing loss, here are some tips you can use.

Turn the volume down. This is one of the biggest things you can do to prevent hearing loss. There is plenty of racket in our life. In certain cases, we can not turn down the volume, but there are things we can do to help. If you like to jam out to your favorite tunes, consider turning down the volume. Even a bit helps. If you work in a loud environment, use protective gear for your ears, such as earplugs or headphones. Wear these when you are running anything noisy, such as a lawnmower.  If you must be in a loud place for an extended time, take a few days off after and let your ears relax and recover.

Q-tips used to be the object of choice when cleaning the ears, but please refrain from using them. Q-tips are not meant to be stuck in the ear canal. If you shove one into your ear too far, you can puncture your eardrum or damage your ears to the point where there is hearing loss. To clean your ears, add a few drops of olive oil to your ears to soften up any ear wax. This can be done daily to prevent the wax from building up.

Unfortunately, there are medications that may cause hearing loss, so it is imperative to take your medications as directed. If you are prescribed antibiotics, take them as the instructions say, as these may cause health issues if taken incorrectly. Should you have any questions or concerns about your medications and ear health, talk to your physician.

It is also important to have regular checks of the ears. This holds especially true if you have a higher risk of hearing loss or have a past history of hearing issues. Seeing a hearing specialist can be done even if you think it is too late. Make appointments to identify issues to prevent long-term problems.

Stress is something that affects everything in our lives, including our hearing. Higher levels of stress make a person more susceptible to developing tinnitus and hearing loss. Stress of any kind puts pressure on the body, which then can stress the ears. Many long-term health ailments develop due to accumulated stress. If stress affects you, find a way to relieve it, such as talking to a friend, taking a bubble bath, or getting a massage. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates can also help to lower the stress in your life.

You will also find exercise helps with hearing loss prevention. Exercise should be part of your day each day. Go for a walk on your lunch break, ride your exercise bike during your favorite TV show, or swim laps before supper. Play a game of tag with your kids, or take Fido to the dog park. Exercise will also help you lower the stress in your life.

If you are concerned about hearing loss, visit Countryside Hearing Aid Services in Clear water, FL. By following our tips and speaking with them, you can be certain you are investing wisely in your hearing and well-being.