Family, friends, and lots of great food – these are all reasons why the holidays are a favorite time of year for many people in Clearwater. However, for others, it marks a stressful and worrying time of year. The reasons why the holiday season can cause more stress and anxiety are varied. You might be worried about finances, relatives you don’t get along with, or whether you’re going to be good enough as a host. Whatever your concerns, stress during the holidays isn’t nice for anyone.

Here are some tips to help you avoid stress and anxiety during the holidays.

1. Make a Budget

If the cause of your stress is money, a budget can be helpful. Budgeting effectively can help you to manage your finances day-to-day, but when you’re worried about additional costs over the holidays, a specific budget can help to reduce stress and anxiety and make you feel like you’re more in control of your finances. Create a list of everything you absolutely need to buy, along with everything that would be nice to have.

2. Give Yourself Nutrition

Many parts of the holidays could be considered healthy or nutritious, such as vegetables, meat, and long walks while you’re taking time away from your job. However, many other aspects can be unhealthy and even damaging for some people – such as excess sugar, too much alcohol or caffeine, or lack of sleep due to the celebrations.

3.  Avoid Arguments

The holidays are well-known for stirring up family feuds or conflicts that might not have resurfaced otherwise. When many relatives get together for the holidays, it may bring stress and anxiety for some people involved. You have a level of control over these situations since you can choose how you respond to something or whether or not to bring up a certain subject. If others start talking in a way that you don’t like, be prepared to ask them to stop or walk away.

4.  Set Boundaries

This is particularly important when you’re hosting people at your home for the holidays, but it applies in all situations to help reduce your stress and anxiety and make you feel more comfortable. Send a message to relatives if you’re worried about arguments or tensions surfacing, and let them know that you don’t want conflict. Choose whether you want to travel to the other side of the country to see your family or whether it’s just too much for you right now. You’re in control of many elements of the situation, and it’s important to make the decisions that work for you.

5. Sleep Well

Without sufficient sleep, stress and anxiety can dramatically increase. If you’re feeling tired and you have lots of things on your mind, everything might feel more stressful and worrying. Getting several hours of quality sleep each night can make a substantial difference to the way you feel during the holidays. Prioritizing sleep can go a long way toward bringing down your stress and anxiety levels.

6.  Speak to Someone

You don’t have to suffer alone when you’re feeling stressed and anxious. Speak to someone you trust, such as a partner or friend, and share your concerns with them. Talking to someone can lift a weight off you, even if the other person cannot do more than listen to your worries. Consider talking to a professional mental health specialist if you feel like stress and anxiety are severely impacting you.

Talking to the Right Person

Getting the right support through the holidays is important, especially if you’re dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety. TMS Advantage in Clearwater, FL, is there to help you get through difficult times.